Small Silica Gel Sachets – Paper (Indicator)


Silica-Gel desiccant sachets as supplied to industry – in convenient quantities for home use.

• Small sachets – For photographic equipment, film, garden seed storage, food storage, i.e. salt, sugar, coffee, matches, cartridges, etc.

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Product Description

Silica Gel is a most effective desiccant for most temperature/climates and, although it remains dry to the touch, it can actually absorb up to 30 per cent of its own weight in moisture. Correctly used, it will reduce relative humidity to below 40%, the level at which metals will corrode. Our Orange Indicator Silica Gel will change to white when moisture has been adsorbed. The colour change is clear to see through the paper.

MAGiCHEM Silica-Gel is safe to use, chemically inert and environmentally friendly.


Paper Sachets

Nominal Weight
W x L (mm)
Pack Qty
Price (£)
SGS-05-CP0.5grm22 x 3510023.00
SGS-1-CP1grm22 x 4510030.00
SGS-3-CP3grm22 x 705038.00